Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time to Decide What's in Our Own Best Interest

Black people have to decide what is in their own best interest. This is something we have to do for ourselves without outside influence or interference.

The miserable conditions that Black people live under in America and around the world would make a brass monkey cry. Our condition in the Western Hemisphere is the direct result of the world's greatest crime - the transatlantic slave trade.

Africans, Arabs, Europeans and Americans participated in the slave trade. Animist, Muslim, Christian and Jews have the blood of millions on their hands. The stolen labor of enslaved Africans in the so-called New World created untold wealth for Europe and made possible the Industrial Revolution that gave the West the technological advantage it enjoys today.

At the end of the day, any honest leader of Black people will have to lament over the terrible condition of our people. They will be forced to admit, it is not getting any better for the MASSES of Black people. Unless and until a decision is made to do that which is in the best interest of our people, nothing will change for the better. Nobody is going to do for us what we refuse to do for ourselves.

Now is the time to put all options on the table. Assimilation, integration, accommodation or separation, reparations, repatriation? Time is running out. Our people are suffering and dying. We can't afford to wait 40 more years for the answer. Black leaders have to decide whether they are truly Black leaders or the tools of others while wearing a black face. Decide now or we perish.

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  1. I agree, Black leadership, indeed Black people, are in the valley of decision and time is running out...