Friday, November 5, 2010

I Am Not Going Away Quietly!

Houston - For those who are hiding in a cave or in a closet, I say: "Come out of hiding and start fighting back!" I am sick of these hand wringing Democrats and so-called Progressives whining about how the Tea Party and Republicans have taken over the government. So what!

Does anybody see that the Republicans have conned the Tea Party? Can anyone guess what will happen when the Tea Partiers find out what the rest of us knew about the Republican ruling elite? If they think Democrats are elitist, wait until they wake up and see who they have gotten in bed with.

In Texas, many are worried about the Texas legislature being two-thirds Republican, needing no Democratic votes to pass anything. "We can't stop them" is what I'm hearing. Well, they may go quietly into the night but as for me, I refuse to go to the lynching tree, gas chamber or reservation without putting up a hell of a struggle.

Man up Black folks! Man up Progressives! Grow a spine and stand up!

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